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What is a UNESCO Global Geopark?

The UNESCO Global Geopark label is awarded by UNESCO and the Global Geoparks Network to a region with remarkable geological heritage. It promotes an ambitious approach adopted by a region and all its representatives (elected officials, associations, residents, etc.).

Does a Geopark only refer to geology?

No! Whilst a UNESCO Global Geopark must demonstrate the international importance of its geological heritage, its main objective is to explore, develop and celebrate the links between this geological heritage and all other aspects of natural, cultural and intangible heritage. It's about reconnecting humanity on all levels of the planet and showing how it has shaped aspects of our lives and societies for 600 million years.

Si un Géoparc mondial UNESCO doit démontrer l'importance internationale de son patrimoine géologique, il a également pour vocation de développer et de célébrer les liens entre cet héritage géologique et tous les autres aspects du patrimoine naturel et culturel du territoire.

The label is based on 3 principals:


A better scientific knowledge of the sites makes it possible to orient and adopt, as appropriate, management measures focused on the preservation of the geological wealth.


In a Geopark, geology is the favoured point of entry for raising awareness of the environment and the territory.

Sustainable tourism

Geo-tourism is part of local development through sustainable tourism which focuses primarily on geology.


By enhancing the geological wealth of its territory, the Geopark will help improve awareness and understanding of important social issues on the planet.