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The missions of a Regional Nature Park

The Parks were born in September 1966 during the days of Lurs en Provence which began as follows:

"The protection of nature and open spaces is not only a matter of generosity or aesthetics but also a matter of survival" (Raymond Marcellin, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister).

A predominantly rural territory can be designated as a "Regional Nature Park" if it presents landscapes, natural environments and a cultural heritage of great quality and whose balance is fragile.

A Regional Nature Park is governed by the provisions of the Environmental Code. It is organised around a concerted project of sustainable development, based on the protection and enhancement of its natural and cultural heritage. It must undertake to implement actions in line with the 5 missions defined by the Decree:

Protection and management of natural and cultural heritage

in particular by an adapted management of natural environments and landscapes;

Town and country planning

by contributing to the definition and orientation of development projects;

Economic and social development

by animating and coordinating the economic and social actions to ensure a quality of life on its territory; the Parks support companies which are respectful of the environment and which develop its natural and human resources;

Welcoming, educative and informative for the public

The Parks promote contact with nature and make the local residents aware of environmental issues;

Experimentation and research

The Parks contribute to research programmes and have as their mission the initiation of new procedures and means of implementing.