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The Geoparks network

The Geoparks are defined first and foremost as a network, whose members are committed to working together in co-operation and through sharing experiences. All the Geoparks thus constitute the "Global Geopark Network" which meets every 2 years at a world conference. The last one took place in Italy in September 2018.

There are also 4 continental sub-nets: Africa, South America, Asia-Pacific and Europe. The "European Geopark Network" therefore brings together the 75 European geoparks. Different working groups are led through this network on the major themes of the Geoparks: Geological heritage and Research, Education, Geo-tourism, etc..

Histoiry and key figures

1991 International Declaration of the Rights of the Memory of the Earth in Digne
1997 Emergence of the Geopark concept in Europe
2000 Creation of the European Geoparks network
2001 Creation of the Global Geoparks network
2015 The label is integrated as a programme by UNESCO
2020 There are 147 Global Geoparks spread over 41 countries (7 in France)

In France

There is also a National Committee of Geoparks in France which brings together the seven UNESCO Global Geoparks:

In 2019, two new French territories are in the process of applying: the Normandie-Maine Geopark and the Géoparc Armorique.

Discover them in pictures: