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The 2008-2023 Charter

The charter, adopted by decree of the Prime Minister, sets out the objectives to be achieved, the guidelines for the protection, enhancement and development of the Park's territory, as well as the measures that will enable it to implement them.

It is valid for 15 years.

It is approved by all the signatories: the State, the Regions, the Departments, as well as all the communes and gateway towns in the territory.

The current charter of the Normandy-Maine Regional Nature Park 2008 - 2023 is based on 3 objectives and 7 principles:


Objective 1

Promote biodiversity by ensuring the balance of the territory's natural, cultural and socio-economic heritage.

  •  Principle 1: Deepen knowledge on natural and man-made heritage.
  •  Principle 2: Strengthen the management of natural and man-made heritage.

Objective 2 

Empower, train and inform for a sustainable management of the territory.

  •  Principle 3: Empower and contribute to the maintenance of energy, landscape and architectural heritage.
  •  Principle 4: Raise environmental awareness.
  •  Principle 5: Use the territory as a communication vector.

Objective 3

Promote products, services and activities that respect the territory

  •  Principle 6: Encourage alternatives to intensification and over-development.
  •  Principle 7: Promote activities that identify the territory.